$195 Bathroom Refresh

We’re not quite ready to call this bathroom made-over, but it is certainly looking fresher than before – all for the low price of $195.

guest-bath-1 We started by tearing out the shower doors and painting over the cream walls with Colingwood, a light gray by Benjamin Moore. That instantly made the room feel fresher/brighter/cleaner.

Bathroom Makeover We’re still looking for the perfect piece of art to hang above the toilet, but in the meantime we added in some pretty turquoise textiles from Ikea (shower curtain and towels) and HomeGoods (rugs).

Bathroom Makeover Our next goal for this room is to repaint the trim and the door, which has yucky stains that I can’t seem to get out no matter how hard I scrub.

Bathroom Refresh We’re also considering how we’d like to update the mirror, counter and vanity. I’m super interested in painting the countertops to look like marble, but can’t decide if I’d like java gel stain or white paint better for the vanity. Thoughts?

Ikea Soap Dispenser As we ponder, here’s the source list for our existing update.

1 Ingeborg Shower Curtain from Ikea – $12.99 each
1 Shower Curtain Rod from Target – $15.79 each
1 Befintlig Scented Candle Set from Ikea – $7.99
1 Gallon Ben Interior Paint in Colingwood – $37.99
1 Ideal Candle Dish from Ikea – $3.99
2 Afjarden Hand Towels from Ikea – $4.99 each
2 Ingeborg Washcloths from Ikea – $1.99 each
2 Svartsjon Soap Dispensers from Ikea – $5.99 each
2 Over-the-Cabinet Towel Bars from Bed Bath & Beyond – $7.99 each
2 Mini Candles – Gift from Our Neighbors
4 Afjarden Bath Towels from Ikea – $7.99 each
4 Bath Mats from HomeGoods – $30 total


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